Whole School Evaluation

The latest Whole School Evaluation conducted by the Department of Education Inspectors indicated:
 The school is led by a committed principal who cultivates a positive, collaborative setting
 Staff members work conscientiously and collaboratively to ensure a caring, inclusive, holistic environment for all pupils
 The school is well managed by an active and dedicated board of management.
 Pupils are commended for their excellent behaviour and their enthusiastic participation in learning
 The school is supported by a dedicated parents’ association
 High quality teaching, learning and levels of pupils achievement were observed in classrooms

Feedback from latest survey of parents
“”The teachers are very professional, dedicated and motivated. It is evident they are committed to providing a high quality, holistic education for their pupils”
“Very positive culture and environment for the children”
“Our kids are reaching their full potential and we would recommend the school to everybody in the locality”
“An all inclusive and proactive parents association”