What parents of new pupils need to know:

In the summer months before your child starts ‘Big School’ you will greatly enhance your child’s experience of school life by practising the following;

  • Encourage your child to listen carefully to your instructions.
  • Ensure that your child can open and close their own schoolbag, pencil case and lunch box.
  • Ensure that your child can put on/take off their own cardigan/jumper and coat.
  • We would advise all young children to wear runners with velcro straps.
  • Be able to use the toilet and wash their own hands
  • Recognise and take care of their own possessions
  • Be accustomed to sharing and playing with other children their own age

Birth Certificate

Please ensure that the school has a copy of your child’s birth certificate/baptismal certificate for their records. Please also ensure that the school has a fully completed enrolment form for your child.



Rahan National School has been operating a very successful Book Rental Scheme for a number of years. The relevant information about the scheme will be included in your enrolment pack and should be completed and returned when enrolling your child with the school.


Most of your child’s schoolbooks will be stored in school, only the books necessary to complete homework given on a particular day will go home.  Young children sometimes become anxious about their books being left in school.  Please reassure them that they will get to use all their books and they are being stored in school because the books would make their schoolbags too heavy and to prevent them getting lost or damaged.


There is a homework policy which clearly states the content and length of homework for each class which is available on the school website. Parents are encouraged to establish a set routine and time for your child to do his/her homework, in a quiet place free from distractions. Parents are asked to supervise children’s homework, checking and signing the homework diary on completion. Homework should be reasonably attempted and if the homework cannot be completed for any reason a note in the child’s homework diary is required ( a note to the Infant teacher).

Junior Infants will not get homework until after midterm.  Initially they will get one thing to do which should not take any more than ten minutes to complete and which they should feel happy about and can competently complete.

As the school year progresses your child will get a little more homework, this work should still not take any longer than 15 minutes to complete. The work will relate to topics covered that day in school and your child should feel confident about completing the work.

Sometimes the colouring part of the homework can be time consuming, however I would advise that your child not spend any longer than the suggested period of time doing their work. Always present a cheerful and competent air about completing this work, should your child become upset about the homework put it away with the words ‘we’ll put it away and we’ll ask teacher about it in the morning’

Set up a routine around homework as soon as you can.  Try and start around the same time every day, find a location that is quiet but allows you to keep an eye on the work being completed.  Encourage your child to take pride in his/her work and to settle down and concentrate and to complete the given tasks in one sitting.  Encourage and praise their efforts.


School bag

Your child’s school bag should be one that they can easily open and close themselves.  No wheeled bags in school. Clearly mark your child’s name on his schoolbag, lunch box and coat.