The First Day

The First Day

  • It is important that you establish a good routine early. The night before, check that all items needed for school are ready for the morning.


  • Keep your child calm to prevent upset or anxiety. Give plenty of time in the morning to get washed dressed and to eat a good breakfast.


  • Be on time, be casual and chat to other parents and the teacher. Say goodbye to your child and remind him/her that you will be back to collect them at the end of the school day and leave your child in the capable hands of his/her teacher.


  • If you are upset do not show it, hopefully your child will be so absorbed in his/her new surroundings that they will not notice.

Going home                      

  • Junior Infants will be walked to the school gate by their teacher. Please wait outside the gate for them and collect them as they are released to you.



  • Be sure to collect your child on time. Children can become very upset if they feel they are forgotten.


  • If at any time the collection routine has to be changed please ensure you tell your child and the class teacher. We understand that emergencies can also arise so a phone call to the school office will ease anxiety.



Handling the upset child

  • In spite of the best effort of both teacher and parents a small number of children will still become upset. If your child happens to be one of them don’t panic. Patience and perseverance can work wonders.


A Word of Advice …

  • Trust the teacher.He/She is experienced and resourceful and is used to coping with all kinds of difficulties and starting-off problems.


  • Try not to show any outward signs of your own distress.Sometimes the parents are more upset than the child and are the main cause of anxiety in the child.


  • When you have reassured your child, leave as fast as possible. The teacher can distract and humour him/her more easily when you are not around.


  • If you would like to ring the office in a short while, you will invariably find that calm has been restored.


This is a big day in the life of your child, your family and for the school, so we would encourage you to take as many photos and videos as you like.