School Uniform and Tracksuit

School Uniform                

Please ensure that the school uniform is always worn to school. It is important in fostering pride and in making your child feel part of the school community.

School Uniform

Girls:                                                       Boys:

Navy pinafore                                         Navy pants

White shirt                                             White shirt

Navy tie                                                  Navy tie

Jade green cardigan                               Jade green jumper


The school jumper must be ordered through the school and collected and paid for in the school office.



Tracksuit tops are to be ordered through and purchased in the school office. A plain navy tracksuit pants can be purchased wherever you please.  It is a good idea to have these purchased before school commences as they will be put to use on the first week of term. Tracksuit days for the whole school in 2015 were Thursdays and Fridays.  Should these days change for the 2015-2016 academic year, parents will be informed before school commences.

Please clearly label all items of clothing.