Message in a Bottle 

It was Friday evening. Dad and I walked the shore line . This was normal as we only lived a few minutes away.

We came across a bottle.   Dad was giving out saying that  was littering. He was about to put it in the bin when he saw that it had a letter inside. He pulled and pulled to get it out but it was nearly impossible, so we decided we would go to Nans. When we arrived it was the same as usual, fire blaring up the chimney and the kettle boiling before we even came in.

When we had our cup of tea I showed Nan the bottle, she  grabbed it and got a bottle opener.   Dad was as excited as I was, nearly jumping off his chair.  Nan got her eye a.k.a her glasses and read the letter.  It turns out it was a music sheet.  When I got home I sat at the piano and played it.  It was a beautiful piece.  I even took it to school to play .

 A few months later Nan sadly passed away. For her funeral I got to play the piece I found at the beach. I looked at the back of the music notes to find that Nan had written the piece for me . The piece became very popular and in Nan’s honor I called it  Mary’s Goodbye.