In the Middle of the Night

It was midnight. They should have been here by now. As Megan thought these words, the fire she had built died. Next time, she was going to set up the campsite during the day and have her friends come around in the afternoon, instead of setting the camp up in the evening and trusting in her friends to show up well after dark. She got out her phone to tell her friends that she had called off the trip. There was no signal. Groaning, she began to walk to the top of the cliff. She had called her friends from there before- maybe she would get a signal there again. After ascending two flights of ancient, weatherworn stairs, she checked her phone again. Thankfully, there was a signal. Just as she found her friend on speed dial, the phone went dead.

 Megan buried her face in her hands. Finally, she began to trudge wearily back to camp. When she arrived back at the stairwell, she found it blocked. Mystified, she turned around to go find the second path down the cliff.

 The full moon silhouetted each finger-like branch perfectly against the black night sky. A howl split the air. Megan began to walk a little bit faster. Suddenly, she slipped. A creeper had somehow coiled itself around her foot. Tugging it off, she began to walk even faster, almost to a run. Suddenly, she froze.

 She suddenly had a terrible feeling that she should not be here. As she was frozen with indecision, she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Turning to swat it, she slipped off the cliff face.

 She landed with a bump on a ledge. The moon blocked by the cliff face, she had no idea of how far she had fallen- or how far she had yet to fall. Almost as soon as the blood stopped pounding in her ears, she heard- something.

 She could not place the sound, or even describe it. It was just there. She began to search desperately for a way down when something slammed into her back. There was a searing pain in her shoulder

 She woke up in her tent. It was 7:13 A.M.. She decided that her midnight odyssey must have been a dream. It was then she noticed a bite mark on her shoulder.