Healthy Eating

We have a health eating policy in our school and encourage pupils to bring lunches that are healthy to school. We suggest a sandwich, a piece of fruit /yogurt, a drink for each break

Here are some healthy options:



Pitta bread / wrap / sliced pan / bread roll / burger bun / scone / portion box of cereal / popcorn / cold cooked rice / pasta

Wholemeal option is the healthiest option.

Yogurt / fromage frais / fruit / yogurt drink / milk / cheese / turkey (slices/pieces) / ham (slices/pieces) / chicken (slices/pieces)

Unsweetened fruit / juice / mandarin segments / hard boiled egg / cheese (chunks, slices, straws, spreads) / tuna with sweet corn / beef slices / salmon / apple / banana / carrot sticks / peeled segments / orange / grapes / kiwis



  • Water / Milk
  • Cocoa
  • Soup
  • *Unsweetened fruit juices
  • *Sugar free diluted fruit drinks
  • *Fruit juices should only be taken with food at mealtimes.

Milk and water are the most suitable drinks for children as they are both tooth friendly and milk is very important for healthy bones.

Please pack lunches in reusable lunch boxes and bring drinks to school in plastic bottles.


Take a look at our Nutrition guide HERE