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The Magic Box

The children of 5th and 6th  have been studying poetry this week and have written the following poems. The Magic Box I will put in my box The touch of of an Irish primary school on my life So brief, yet so important And bind to it the memory of what had gone before.   […]

In the Middle of the Night

It was midnight. They should have been here by now. As Megan thought these words, the fire she had built died. Next time, she was going to set up the campsite during the day and have her friends come around in the afternoon, instead of setting the camp up in the evening and trusting in […]

Message in a Bottle 

It was Friday evening. Dad and I walked the shore line . This was normal as we only lived a few minutes away. We came across a bottle.   Dad was giving out saying that  was littering. He was about to put it in the bin when he saw that it had a letter inside. He […]

Six Word Stories

Dog collar, for sale, never worn Young child, hot iron, burned hand Small virus, getting bigger, world pandemic Woman cries, painting falls, a banshee! Anne frank, tough life, tragic death Twelve apostles, Three aspects, One God Friends greet, Couples meet. Fit in? Coronavirus closures,  No soap, This bad?

Rahan National School Open Morning – All Welcome

Rahan National School will host its annual Open Morning on February 24th 2018     from      11.00am to 12.30pm   Opportunity for prospective students and their parents to explore the school and its facilities. Informally meet with principal, teachers and students. Experience the ethos of the school. Choral Recital by school choir. Explore the school’s digital learning […]