A Year in the Life of Fifth and Sixth in Rahan N. S.


We returned to school in new classes with new people. It was a bit strange being in sixth class. We all had new books and stationery. We have two teachers Ms. Connolly and Ms. Ní Fhátharta.  Fourth class stayed with us for a while. We had to get used to our new friends and we had new students from Spain. We were all excited to start our new term.


The Science Fair

On  the 14th of October 5th and 6th went to  Carrigoon for a science fair. We had a little stall with a project on bridges.  We also had a display of Maths problems. There were lots of other stalls. We made models of bridges and we tested their strength. It was enchanting to see the little ones trying to do the problems. It was a great day.


A New Teacher 

We welcomed a new teacher to our staff, Ms. O Riordan.


Maths Week

We played lots of Maths games and tried to solve maths puzzles during Maths Week.  We also held a Maths Fair for the younger classes in our school where they tried lots of puzzles and played maths games.  They loved it.


Hallow ‘Een Dress up

There were prizes for the most eye-catching costume in each class.  We had fun dressing up.


Mock Presidential Election

 On Wednesday the 24th of October, We held a Mock Presidential Election in the 5th and 6th classroom.    We set up the classroom to make it like a Polling Station. Each of us got different jobs such as Polling Clerks.  Us Polling Clerks checked the register of electors to see who was allowed to vote in the Polling Station.

Each student who voted from 3rd,4th,5th and 6th class were given a ballot paper and they chose which order they wanted to put the candidates in.

After we had finished we put our ballot papers into the Ballot Box.  5th and 6th then counted out all the votes and the votes were allocated to each candidate.  When the first candidate was eliminated their second preference went to the other candidates.

       In the end Michael D. Higgins won both elections, the mock one we held and The National Election.


Girls Football Blitz

In February, 3rd,4th,5th and 6th class girls, got to participate in Sciath na Scol. It was held in Carrigoon where various schools attended. We played against Newtownshandrum, Ballyhooly and Doneraile.  We lost the first match against Newtownshandrum by 1 point.  When we played Ballyhooly we beat them by a lot. Against Doneraile we drew.  An exciting day was had by all.


Boys Football Final

Rahan boys had a final in Carrigoon in gaelic football. Karen and Eddie were the coaches for Rahan. Rahan was against Churchtown N.S. It was an intense match. It was end to end stuff. Unfortunately Churchtown N.S won but Rahan still gave its all despite not winning the match.    


The Panto in Davis College

In November we got invited to the panto Aladdin in Davis College.  All the other schools in Mallow were there too. There was lots of singing and dancing.  They had lovely bright costumes that really stood out. You could  tell that loads of hard work was put into it.  There was a break halfway through. It lasted a couple of hours. We felt that it dragged on a bit. Other than that we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Choir in St. Marys

Sunday the 16th of December Rahan N.S. were invited to go to St. Mary’s  Church to sing Christmas Carols. There were other schools there too. We sang two songs ‘We three Kings’ and ‘Walking in the Air’. Mr moylan played the piano and Ms connolly, who is our teacher, conducted us. It was lovely.


School Cinema

Before the Christmas holiday we went to see The Nutcracker in the cinema. We travelled by bus from the school to Market Square. We brought sweets from home. We went in and waited 5 mins and then it started. It was about a girl named Alice and she went through the 12 realms. It was a grand movie.


The Enrolment Ceremony

In January on the bad snow day all the schools in Mallow had the Enrolment Ceremony in St. Marys. The Enrolment Ceremony in preparation for Confirmation. Candidates had to bring their baptismal candle and a sheet given by teachers for the candidates to write three deeds on. At the Mass candidates and guardians had to sign the sheet. Also guardians went up to the altar to light the baptismal candles and went back to their seats giving the candle to the candidates. With the candle in their hands the candidates renewed their baptismal promises. Unfortunately some people couldn’t make it to the Mass because they were snowed in.


School Open Morning

The school open morning was in February.  Only 3rd 4th and 5th class people came because 6th class had their entrance exam on the same day.

It was a very busy morning, lots of people came. They were asking us all about our projects and the animals and faces that we made with clay.  We sang some songs like An Cailin Álainn, Lion Sleeps Tonight and Drunken Sailor.  A person from our  class named J played the Bongos while we were singing.  He did very well.

Then the teachers took out sweets and popcorn for us. We ate them in third and fourth class because in our class there were people looking at our projects.  The people started going so we started going home as well.


Entrance Exam

In February we were preparing for the entrance exam for secondary school. We did Irish,Maths and English tests. When we arrived at the school, we had to register and get a picture. Then we went into a huge hall and sat down. It was very noisy because everyone was talking. When everyone arrived they started to hand out the test and explained it. I thought the test was ok, it got a bit hard sometimes. We got a break halfway through. When it was finished our parents collected us.


Seachtain na Gaeilge

We held a Monster Biongo for the senior classes in the school and created Scéalta beaga for the Naíonáin.


Book + Bake sales

We decided to have a book + bake sale for Daffodil Day.  We sold books and cakes for money and everyone was happy during and after.  We all got the leftovers.  We sold cakes for a euro and books for a euro which was a good price.  We thought it should have been 1.50.  We made 600 hundred euro we hope it was enough.  We were amazed of the amount of money we made.


Girls Camogie Blitz

In April we entered a girls camogie blitz which was held in Carrigoon.  We played against three different schools which were, Ballyhooly, Castletownroche and Gaelscoil.  We won against Castletownroche and Ballyholly and we drew against the Gaelscoil.

We had a great day.


Soccer Blitz

In April boys from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th  went to Blarney for a school blitz. There were 16 schools there. Only 2 schools got through and we were one of them. We played Glantane and drew 3-3. We won the rest of our games. On the way back we stopped at the shop. Then we had to go back to school. After 3 weeks we went back for another round. Unfortunately we did not make it through that time. Overall it was a good experience.


World Book Day

We had great fun for World Book Day.  Some of us even dressed up!


Historical  tour of Mallow

5th and 6th class from rahann N.S. went on a historical tour of Mallow. Tim Sheehan and  Michael o Neill told us interesting stories we never heard before. We walked then towards town, stopping in a place where a Black and Tan Barracks used to be. Next went to  St. Mary’s Church and after that we went to St. James’ Church and found out facts. We were told about Daniel o Connell’s monster meeting which was attended by about 400,000 people.

After that we went  down to the plaza by the Clock House. We saw  the statue of Thomas Davis and heard about the Rakes of Mallow. We finished our tour at famous Mallow Castle where  we saw the white deer, a gift from Queen Elizabeth. We all thanked Tim Sheehan and Michael o Neill who presented us with a book. We had a great time.



Swimming  Gala

It was the 15th of May. The swimming gala was held in Mallow Swimming Pool.  Were dropped there by our parents in the morning. We got ready for our races. I ended up winning my heat and swimming in the final.  M and I won medal. I enjoyed it. We competed against other schools and held our own.  Another great day.


Cork City Sports

On the 30th of May Cork City Sports took place.  A few weeks beforehand we had the trials and 2 people out of the girls and boys in each class got picked to race.  On the day we all came into school, nervous but excited. At ten the bus came and took the boys up to Cork. At 12 the bus came and collected the girls to take them to Cork.  The City Sports were held in C.I.T. After our races we went to the shop and got curry chips. It was a nice day even if we didn’t win anything.


The Retreat

The confirmation Retreat was in the youth centre in Mallow. It was a day off school for 5th and 6th. There were two women in charge. We played basketball at lunch time. We made confirmation jars. We learned about  the gift and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We sang songs. It was a nice and relaxing day for all.



On the 22th of May we made our Confirmation.  Bishop Crean and seven other priests celebrated the mass. The mass started at eleven and the church was filled to its capacity  at ten to eleven. There were many children to be confirmed, the largest number ever in Mallow parish. The Bishop was so kind to us . All the schools were  in the choir this year. Mr Moylan played and Miss Connolly and an other teacher from St. Marys conducted all the children . In the end we had a great day.


First Communion

The First Holy Communion Day in Rahan N. S. is always a very special event in the school calendar.  Everyone makes a huge effort to attend.   Pupils from Rahan sing in the choir to make the day very special for the children in second class.


School Tour 2019

On the 18th of  June 2019 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th went on their amazing school tour to UL. The trip to Limerick took aprox 1hr 10mins . We left Mallow at about 8:20am.   We got to UL at about 9:30am .

First we went into the changing rooms to get changed for Kayaking and Rafting . We walked down through a forest sort of thing and we eventually got there . We got kitted up with a life jacket and a helmet.  We entered the kayak and we drifted out to the river to paddle. We were in the kayaks for about 10mins and then paddled back into shore.

We then got on the raft and got to jump off the raft 3 times the water was freezing but we all still jumped off. We then walked back to the changing rooms. We then had a very quick shower to warm ourselves up.  After that went to the running track to do Orienteering . The theme of the Orienteering was health and healthy diets . We had to solve 12 problems. After Orienteering we had a small snack. We then went indoors to The Wrecking Ball and The Disco Dome. The Wrecking Ball was quite fun. We tried to knock our friends down.

After The Disco Dome and The Wrecking Ball we went swimming. First of all we had to get our bags. We then entered the dressing room. When we got changed we went out onto the swimming area till everybody was ready. The lifeguard explained the rules and we got into the pool.  A school from Tipperary were in there too . We got a soft ball and it turned into a match Cork VS Tipp. It was only possession by throwing the ball . It was great fun and we made new friends too . After swimming we got dry and got dressed .

We walked back to the lunch area, sat down and had our well earned lunch in the sun.   We went down to the astro pitches and played soccer for a while. We then entered the indoors arena and we went over to a dart board . We had to kick a ball at the dart board . We all had three goes.  Lastly we did last man standing. It was fun because it went really fast! Our best tour ever!


June- Saying goodbye to Rahan

When I leave Rahan I will remember all the good memories. I have made lots of friends in my time and I will miss them. But I am excited to move on and go to St. Marys. I remember the Bake Sale, Cork City Sports and am looking forward to our school tour to UL.