Daily Archives: October 27, 2017

Visit to Cork Racecourse Mallow

My Visit to the Cork Racecourse On Monday morning my class 4th,5th and 6th went to the Cork Racecourse. I sat next to my friend on the bus.  When we arrived at the racecourse  we went into the parade ring .  We got told all about the race horses diet, their fitness plan and bad habits […]

Munster Maths & Science Family Fair

Children from fourth, fifth and sixth hosted a stand at the recent  Munster Maths & Science Family Fair  which was run by Mallow Development Partnership and held in Carrigoon.  The children worked very hard and had good fun preparing their exhibition which was both informative and interactive. The fair was a great success with approx 4,500 people attending […]

Transport Project

The pupils in third class are learning about transport. They have been learning about different types of transport across air, land and water. They have also looked at transport in the past and the difference between transport in the past and now. The pupils then did some research themselves and they created their own transport […]