Visit to Cork Racecourse Mallow

My Visit to the Cork Racecourse

On Monday morning my class 4th,5th and 6th went to the Cork Racecourse.

I sat next to my friend on the bus.  When we arrived at the racecourse  we went into the parade ring .  We got told all about the race horses diet, their fitness plan and bad habits horses have from Eugene O’Sullivan.

 While we were also in the parade ring, we saw a racehorse called “Freecode’.  He was brown and white.  Freecode is six years old.  The next activity we did was the horse simulator. The name of the metal horse was called Silver.  The man who showed us this was called JP.  He said that with a race horse you twist their reins.  

After that we were informed all about the jockeys silks.  There are 18 different coloured silks. Another person showed us the hurdles that some of the race horses jump over as well as informing us all about the race horses dog  Jessica.  

We also met a famous jockey called Maxine O’Sullivan she informed us all about the clothing jockeys wear,  their diet to be a jockey,and also about the clothing jockeys wear.  We also got a goody bag that contained sweets, a ruler, a bookmark and tickets to the next race on October 15th.  I would like to thank  Cork Racecourse for a lovely day.